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Have you ever had an idea you felt compelled to write down and share with others?

Maybe it was an insight from God’s Word, or a story that demonstrated some truth you felt like a friend needed to know. Or maybe you started writing down the things God was teaching you through your children, family, or just everyday life, and found that people wanted more…

That’s really the story of how Brooke McGlothlin and Stacey Thacker started writing.

Our publishing journeys have been something of a roller coaster ride. We started out as self-published authors, got picked up by a traditional publisher, and have continued to be hybrid authors, doing some self-publishing and some traditional publishing along the way. We LOVE to tell the story of God’s faithfulness in the process, and we LOVE to help moms who have a passion to tell stories learn how.

Do you have a story to tell?

Between us, we have written over 12 books, multiple ebooks and resources, and helped countless moms find their voice on paper. We know a thing or two about writing a book, and getting it into the hands of the people who need it.

And now, we’re inviting you to join us in a brand new collective for moms who write, Write Like a Mom. 

Why Write Like a Mom?

Because we understand what it is to write in the in-betweens…the cracks and crevices of the life of a woman who is raising a family. Write Like a Mom doesn’t mean you have to write about motherhood…it simply means you are a mom trying to find the time and resources to follow your calling.

Mom, you can do this alone, but you don’t have to. Stacey and Brooke are here to help.

This is the Beta group for the Write Like a Mom Collective, and the price is set to reflect its introductory status. When it launches publicly, the price will go up. Take this opportunity to be a part of the ground level. Your voice will help Stacey and Brooke define the course moving forward!

Note: This is a pre-course purchase for the Beta course that begins April 10, 2023. You will get a thank you email right away, and will receive a digital copy of our course workbook, Write Like a Mom: Your Dream, God’s Plan for free as a thank you when it’s finished!

  • No refunds for the Beta Collective

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