Praying God’s Word for Your Adult Children


One thing I know about having children who are out on their own, or are about to be, is that the way we parent changes, and that brings with it all kinds of emotions…good and bad. Gone are the days when we can control every little thing that comes into their lives. Gone are the days of being able to hold them close, or even being THE most important person in their lives. And, gone are the days when we have the right to make good decisions for them.

Yes, things change. But while your role might have changed, your PURPOSE has not. Not if you know what your real, in Christ purpose is as a mom. There may be limits to what you can do for your children, but there will never be limits to what you can pray.

In this prayer guide, pray for your adult children to:

  • Look to God as their provider
  • Learn to trust God
  • Live out their faith
  • Be in community with other believers
  • Be responsible
  • Use their time wisely
  • Prioritize marriage and family
  • And more!

With biblical teaching on parenting adult children, scripture-inspired prayers, and space to journal using our Think, Pray, Praise method of daily prayer, this digital prayer guide is perfect for the busy mom who needs God to move!

Join me today as we pray God’s powerful Word back to Him on behalf of our adult children using key verses and passages from the Bible. God’s Word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12) and won’t return void. It will do exactly what God wants it to do in the hearts of our children (Isaiah 55:11). Pray it confidently, and be filled with faith in the God Who is able to mold your children into the men and women He’s called them to be.

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Moms who are already using this guide said:

“These are BEAUTIFUL! Perfect! I’m already using it!”
“I love this!”
“I am in love with it. I started using it right away. The way you pray inspires me and draws me in.”
“God’s Word spoken right back to Him makes the greatest impact!”
“I want more!”

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