What Real Moms Are Saying About Pray the Word Journal

Still not sure Pray the Word Journal is for you?

Listen to what these moms have to say…

“The most recent Pray the Word Journal has been a balm to my spirit and such an encouragement to me during a difficult time.” – Trena

“I LOVE the prayer journal. It keeps me focused on praying for my kids and focuses my mind on God. Thank you!” – Anita

“It’s showing me how to be more intentional and specific in my prayers for my children and I’m praying for things and in ways I hadn’t thought to before. It’s also helping me with how I love and guide my children each day, as well as causing me to look at myself and who I am in Christ and how I need to live my life before God and my children. I love it!” – Rebekah

“I am praying more consistently; reading the Bible more consistently; it helps me frame my day the right way.” – Kelly

“This journal has helped me to be more intentional in praying for my kids” -Amber

“The journal is teaching me that I don’t always have to have the exact words to pray for my children, but God knows what I am asking for anyway.” – Jo Ann

“Prayer is powerful, and I love the reminder to be intentional about it. Prayer is the best thing I can do for my kids, better than any clean house or home-cooked food or activity. It’s been helping me to keep an eye on the future, have a vision for the eternal rather than getting so caught up in everyday messes and frustrations.” – Madeline

“It’s so powerful to pray the scriptures for my children. I love having the journal near me during the day. It reminds me to not just pray in the am, but all throughout the day.” – Angela

So there you have it. Pray the Word Journal is truly changing lives and impacting generations.

Let it work for yours.

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