What is The Million Praying Moms Circle

If there’s anything the last few months have proven, it’s that we can’t predict…and, dare I say…can’t control what life throws our way.

We have an unknown future.

And right now, those unknowns far outweigh the knowns.

As a mom, I’ve felt insecure, frustrated, grateful, overcome with gratitude, and overwhelmed by current world circumstances and how they affect my children…all TODAY! My emotions are something of a roller coaster, especially when I start to think about my children heading back to school.

You can probably relate.

It feels like things change from day-to-day, and all I really want to do is equip my children for the future.

That question, “how do we prepare our kids for anything life throws their way?” has kept us awake at night.

Not because we don’t know how, but because we DO.

And THAT is why we created The Circle.

Here at Million Praying Moms, our goal is to help you make prayer your first and best response to the challenges of parenting. No matter what the world throws your family’s way, prayer—partnering with God Himself—is what makes the biggest difference!

You can be the kind of mom who fights for her kids using tools straight from God’s Word!

We have the solutions you need for the challenges you face as Christian moms today, and we can’t wait to share them with you inside of The Circle!

Make prayer your first and best response to the challenges of parenting. Check out Circle membership right now!

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