Write Like a Mom Collective



Do you have a story to tell?

An idea that needs to be shared with the world?

Our publishing journeys have been something of a roller coaster ride. We started out as self-published authors, got picked up by a traditional publisher, and have continued to be hybrid authors, doing some self-publishing and some traditional publishing along the way. We LOVE to tell the story of God’s faithfulness in the process, and we LOVE to help moms who have a passion to tell stories get their messages into the world! We understand what it is to write in the in-betweens…the cracks and crevices of the life of a woman who is raising a family.

Between us, we have written over 12 books, multiple ebooks and resources, and helped countless moms find their voice on paper. We know a thing or two about crafting a message, writing a book, and getting it into the hands of the people who need it. If you’re a mom who writes, plan to join us for our new collective:

The Write Like a Mom Collective is a collection of seven courses designed to help you follow God’s call to write. 
It takes you on a comprehensive, in-depth journey from how to know you’re called to write, understanding the spiritual components of the writer life, how to write well, platform-building, marketing, and more. Each course contains multiple lessons broken down into digestible sizes that fit the lifestyle of a busy mom.
Course #1 The Basics of Writing
Course #2 Building a Platform
Course #3 Email List Building
Course #4 Self-Publishing
Course #5 Traditional Publishing
Course #6 Writing a Book Proposal
Course #7 Marketing Your Book
The first course, The Basics of Writing, is ready now. Your purchase of the Collective gives you access to all of the courses as we release them. The next course will be released early in 2024. Access to this course will be for its lifetime…meaning every time we add a new module, even if we go beyond what we have planned so far, you’ll get access to it as a part of what you’ve already paid for, for as long as the course exists.
Your Collective experience brings you writing community and learning all in one, and includes:
  • All courses
  • 6 weeks of office hours with Stacey and Brooke where you can ask questions, talk about the homework, the writing life, and more.
  • Live Q & A opportunities.
  • 25 writing prompts for moms
  • The Write Like a Mom Journal (digital download)
  • And more!
Take advantage of this amazing price and get in just as we’re getting started. Build relationships that could last a lifetime, and best of all, take the next step in your writing career!
*all sales are final.

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