How Pray the Word Journal Really Can Fit into Your Busy Life

My oldest son JUST finished school last Thursday, and we are full on SUMMER this week! Wouldn’t you know it…today it’s rainy and cold. Welcome summer?

Actually, I’m not super stressed about it, because it made for the perfect morning for everyone to sleep in, and gave me time to myself to make sure I’m pouring into one of my most important habits: my Pray the Word Journal.

If you’ve struggled to know how Pray the Word Journal could possibly fit into your life, here are some suggestions:

(I polled our current users, and most of these are their tips for you!):

Shonda: “I put the journal where I will be in the morning. I open it first and get up early so it’s quiet.”

Brooke: “I like to create a space that invites me in. From the comfort of the chair, to the right lighting, to my favorite essential oils in the diffuser to help wake me up, I go for the whole experience! Create an atmosphere you look forward to each day!”

Gricelda: “I am rearranging my prayer space in our room to have it close to my side of the bed to have my alone time with HIM.”

Erin: “Make it fun! I love seeing pictures of how our community gets creative in their use of the journals. Brooke prefers mostly black and white in hers, but I love to use stickers, colored pens, and anything that personalizes my experience!”

Tara: “Plan for what you need! For me, it’s coffee! I had been looking for a place to organize and keep track of prayers for over a year. I love to use the notes section for the requests of my friends and family!”

Rebekah: “I was already having a devotional/quiet time in the mornings after taking so #1 to school and sitting with son #2. So I just started this one when I was looking for another. But this is the last week of school so I will be moving devotional time to right after breakfast while the boys run off to play. I like to sit after breakfast and drink my coffee.”

Cin: “During the school year nap time became the time that worked each day. I began to get intentional about putting off all the To Dos until I had my devotional time. Summer, with everyone home including my educator husband has me trying different times to see what will work.”

So you can see, you really CAN make Pray the Word Journal work. We’ve been blown away at how God is using these in the lives of every day moms, like you (and like us).

Trena says, “The most recent Pray the Word Journal has been a balm to my spirit and such an encouragement to me during a difficult time. Thank you!”

The clock is ticking to have yours delivered by July.

In fact, you only have until June 12th to make that happen. After the 12th we can’t promise your journal will arrive in time to start with everyone else as they pray through the book of Psalms.

What are you waiting for! Pre-order your copy now!

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