{Bits of Brooke} 4/18/22

Over Easter weekend, I’ve found myself drawn to the women who were the first to the empty tomb. The first to want to attend Jesus. The first to see Him. The first to get a form of the Great Commission…Go. Tell (Matthew 28:7).

The scriptures say no one believed them. They were dismissed.
Looked over.
Thought unimportant.
Less than.

And yet, God chose them for a work of great importance. Singular importance.

I can’t help but let their story, moms, remind me of ours.

Motherhood is often dismissed, looked over, thought unimportant, or less than. Talking about motherhood is somehow trivialized. Our femininity is thought to make us weak, when in truth, it is our greatest strength. Femininity is not wrong. The ability to carry life, nurture it, and shape it, is not a weakness.

Life giving.

That’s what you are, moms. Your calling (as mothers, and as women of God) is one of high value and worth. So next time you’re made to feel dismissed, looked over, thought unimportant, or lesser than because you’re dealing with the struggles and wonders of motherhood, remember the precious women who were among those chosen to receive the highest honor on Resurrection Day, and lift up your head. You’re their daughters…of the family of God…grafted in by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus.

You’re important to the Kingdom.

Remember that today, and every day.

💚 Brooke McGlothlin

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