{Bits of Brooke} 3/28/22

Listen, mamas…this too shall pass. Or develop. It will. As long as your kids are alive they are growing and there is room for God to act.

Maturity is grown. It isn’t (most of the time) imparted over night. I am more mature in my faith than I was 10 years ago, and certainly 30 years ago. I know you want your children to see what you see, know what you know. I know you want them to grow. Pray for it to happen, but give God the time to do it HIS way.

Time. Grace. Persistence. Belief. Truth. Prayer.

These things will see you through, and help you abound in hope (Romans 15:13).

P.S. this sticky note of truth is actually stuck to my computer monitor as a reminder. The reality is that I need space to grow, too. Thankfully, that’s God’s specialty.

💚 Brooke McGlothlin

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